A new Mindset Change, A new Way Of Thinking! (Email 12)

Have another busy week ahead of me this week.  Actually
it is another fun one.

After I get this email written and sent out I will be
heading back to the Kidz Church building to let in some
amazing kids that are going to be cleaning the carpets.

They are a group of special Autistic kids that are learning
living skills through a summer program.  It is always an
adventure when they arrive to clean the carpets.

Then it is to the fair grounds a little later to support
some more kids that are in 4-H.  I loved 4-H when I was
growing up and always make it a point to make a few visits
to see all the exhibits, especially the poultry.

Then I have to judge all of the amazing products that have
been created through our Real Guys coaching challenge.  I
have seen some really good ones coming in.

But before all of this let me go back to my last email and
cover a couple things that I really could have did better
after my first 6 figure launch.

I went through the money I made almost faster than it came in.

I didn’t even stop to think about saving any or investing
any of it back into my business.  I just started paying
bills and trying to catch back up.  The biggest problem I
had was, I lacked the proper mindset at that time to handle
my business and finances.

You see I was always like many others right now that are
just getting buy and living pay check to paycheck and thinking
that I was doing well as long as the bills were paid.  To me
that was being secure. I always remember hearing my parents
say how well things were if they managed to pay the bills
and I was doing the same.

So all of the money I made went to pay bills and it was only
a matter of a few weeks before I was scrambling  trying to
earn more money to pay the bills again.

My Affiliate Marketing was not going well because I had no
follow up to build a relationship with my list and I didn’t
know how to do it properly.  I was just doing promotion
after promotion to stay alive. My list went from just over
10,000 to under 7,000 very quickly because of the way I was
handling things.

The same thing was happening to me that happens to many people
that win the lottery.  They soon end up right back at the same
place financially as they were before they won.  There is a
mindset change that has to happen when we go from just getting
by to all of the sudden having wealth.  If not the wealth
disappears very fast.

I had to learn that my business need me to invest back into
it in order for it to grow.

I also had to develop a new way of thinking. So will you. You
have to develop a new mindset.  We each have these thoughts of
what we need to do to succeed in life and what success is, and
they have been ingrained in our life from those we learned from
and from the life experiences we have faced.  I was listening
to all these old thoughts and thought habits and I fell right back
into my same patterns and habits. It is time to develop a brand
new way of thinking

I had to discover and achieve a whole new way of thinking before
I was able to see past what had been ingrained so deeply inside
of me, and was keeping me from the financial freedom I deserve.

I lived my life along with many others with the belief that I
would always be able to find work, and if  I could just work
enough hours and make a bunch of money that I would become
wealthy one day.

In these hard economic times do you still believe in this myth?

Now I am not going to say it is going to be just a quick flip
of a switch and the mindset is changed.  You have to be
willing to roll up your sleeves and get yourself moving, because
knowledge without action is a total waste of time.

The bottom line is this:  the right mindset will help you create
amazing results in your life.  In fact, I absolutely guarantee it.
It’s going to take some commitment and work on your part.

If you just want to sit on your duff and listen, then nothing
is going to happen for you.

Are you ready to do some work and begin some changes in your way
of thinking?

Remember you are either stepping up to the plate or you are backing
down.  There is no middle ground here.

I just can’t believe how much I just wrote and how much more I
have to cover in the mistake department of this series.

The next mistake I made was huge but I guess I better save that
for my next email as this one is already out of control.

So we will pick back up in a day or so.

Until then;  Stand in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS:  I will give you a quick hint as to who played a big part
in my next biggest mistake.  YOU DID!  It was my customers and
also my JV partners.  But it all came down to the action I took
after what you said to me that got me into serious trouble.

When I look back on it I thank you… but then it wasn’t thanks
that I wanted to give you :)

I was really ticked off.


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