JV Partners, Choosing The Right One. Email 16

Finding JV Partners You Can Trust

In Internet Marketing and Affiliate product promotions it is not just about finding JV Partners, It is about finding JV partners and affiliates you can trust.

I kind of got lost in my series of emails I was writing.

Like many of you can understand, life just seemed to interrupt my direction and flow.

I am not sure If I will continue the series much farther if at all right now as I have to focus on some other aspects of my business for a bit.

But I want to go back and re-visit email number 11 in the series for a few moments today where I was talking about JV Partners.

If your missing the series or not sure what I am talking about you can find all of the 15 previous emails right here on the blog.

JV partners are a crucial part of my business,  but I am not just saying I grab all of them I can.  I have to be able to build a trusted relationship with each one or it just is not anything I want to be a part of.

You need to be able to do the same.

I guess there really is no simple way to know those you can trust accept to go with your gut instinct.

I recently was approached by a JV partner that wanted to do an ad swap with Paul and I.  Basically he wanted to send out to his  list something for Paul and I and in return we would send out to our lists promoting something for him.

This is a great way to build lists when it works properly,

When we got the links to everything we were going to promote for the JV partner we were doing the ad swap with I clicked on the link like any good marketer would do to make sure that it was indeed good value for you as a member on my list.

The sales video wen to a product that I was not 100% familiar with but had seen it, and looked into promoting it back in 2009.

The sales video was still showing screen shots from income he made in 2009.

In my mind (as I am sure it would with you)I started wondering if the product was up to date as well.  I let the JV partner we were working with know about all of my concerns in hopes that he would address them to my satisfaction so I would feel comfortable about Paul and I sending this offer out to you.

My response I got back was a response of shock from the JV partner in questions.  He was shocked that he even got an email from a JV partner questioning these concerns.

He assured me that it was converting very well for other marketer.

Of course a couple of the names he gave me were of names of marketers that are known for promoting pretty much anything as long as it is converting and making money.

So this did not set well with me and assure me that Paul and I should promote the product in question.

My return response was basically let’s not do this.  How about if we just stick to the plan and send to a squeeze page for you like we originally agreed to.

So he sent us the link to the squeeze page which I checked out and found that it promised free information on how to discover some sneaky little trick he knew to generate income.  Of course it was written better than that but you get the picture.

Well when Paul and I signed up for it to make sure the content you were going to get if you chose to sign up was good we seen it re-directed to the original sales page I said I did not want to promote.

This was not a huge concern to me at the moment as it is a tactic that works well.  My main concern was the content you were going to get once you signed up.

Paul and I went through the optin process and found you got nothing but the sales video.  OK this in my mind is a little deceptive.

I thought I was going to get a PDF or video letting me know the information he was claiming and I was lead to believe I was going to get on the squeeze page.

Well in fact you do get it, but only if you choose to buy the product I decided no tot promote to you.

When I questioned this I received back a response that very quickly convinced me that I would not do business with this particular JV partner in the future.  I also would not pursue any further relationship.

His response was, “You just asked for a squeeze page. I created a squeeze page. If you wanted content and all of that for it, you should have said so.

This really did not set well at all as you can imagine.  I have always thought that the name of this whole business was adding value into the lives of those we market to.

I guess I just assumed that this JV Partner that teaches people that when you send people to a squeeze page, to make sure you are giving those that opt-in something of value that is worth them giving you their name and email would follow his own teachings.

As I read further into his email back to me again I was kind of shocked by one last response.

He said, “I’m really, really surprised at you Jeff.

It’s one thing to have all of these concerns of people you don’t know.  But from people that helped bring you up from the beginning?”

Now I always teach that when you build relationships with JV partners that you will find some that you will really get to know and trust.  You will just know that what they put out is good and will not have to buy everything first to check it out before promoting.

Well in this case he s saying I should have this kind of trust in him.

I would agree except for the fact I have never built a relationship with this marketer in the 5 years I have been online.  I have tried but it never seemed to go anyplace.

I met him once and possibly promoted my very first product.  If he did he did not get noticed on my radar except for the fact that he was a friend of my son Keith.

That reason alone kept me wanting to build a relationship with him over the years but it just never seemed to happen.

Maybe now I know the reason why.

I guess what I really want to get across to you is this…

It is important to build good solid JV relationships.  But it is just as important that you build good relationships with the right partners.

All of your JV partners are not going to have the same concerns for your subscribers as you hopefully do, or will when you get to the point of list building.

You are in charge of providing value to your list and not anyone else.

Choose your business relationships very carefully.

If Paul and I would not have cared enough about you our subscribers, and would not have did our job and looked into the what we were supposed to send to you, who would you have come to in disgust when you found you just trusted us, and then found you got nothing of value in return.

Exactly my point.

Choose your JV Partners carefully.  Some just are not meant to be.

Be OK with that and move forward.

Have a great day and continue standing in your greatness!

Jeff Wellman

PS:  Because Paul and I were doing our best to give you something of value through the ad swap we were going to do, and it did not materialize as we had hoped we have decided to send you a free gift today.

As we are on the subject of JV partners we are giving you the opportunity to download a Free report called The Affiliate Recruitment Checklist 20 Ways To Get New Affiliates.  In this report you will discover 20 ways you can begin to find affiliates immediately.

No optin required.  Just click on the link below and download.

Download your Free Affiliate Recruitment Checklist Here

How would you have handled this situation?  Would love to hear your comments.

Tips To Creating 6 Figure Launch With Jeff Wellman (email 4)

Creating a 6 figure launch was something that excited me yet terrified me more than I already was.  How could this even happen for someone that was just starting out with no knowledge about what he was about to do.

As promised I want to get into some of the things that made the difference between Layoff Your Boss which was the name of my first product launch being a six figure launch instead of the $10,000 launch we first set forth in having.

Once I made the decision to go after $65,000 instead of $10,000 Keith knew it was going to take more of what we were already planning.  But it basically came down to just scaling up what we were doing already.

It wasn’t going to be just an eBook anymore as the product.  We needed some good content.  Content that I did not have.  I also was not going to have the time to do the research needed for the kind of content I was going to need to really add value to my product.

During our first day at the event I had the pleasure of listening to an awesome speaker named Heather Vale.

She was teaching on how we could become the expert by association. As I listened to her presentation I remember saying to myself that what she was saying seemed really good but I would never be using what she was teaching because there was no way I was going to do what she was teaching.  No way could this guy who was just getting started and who was extremely uncomfortable with talking to people he did not know ever interview anyone.

That just was not me.  Well guess what the strategy Keith came up for me to do was?

Of course let’s just push old Dad over the edge until he breaks and goes home.  He told me I needed to pick 5 or 10 experts that were at the event and interview them on their expertise and add them to my product.

Not only that but he wanted me to start that day with the interviews.  WOW did I wish I had paid a little more attention to what the woman just said from stage.

But I did get enough that I found myself telling Keith I could not interview them that day.  I told him I would interview them the next day which just happened to be the last day of the event.  He argued the fact with me for a bit because he wanted me to get started right then so I had time to get as many done as possible.

Well what I did get from Heather Vale was a couple things that I thought were very important and made sense.

#1 Have a purpose for your interview.  Ok I had a purpose already.  I knew what they would be used for so I had that one covered.

#2 Now this was something that had me a little nervous.  Heather said we should know our topic and know the person we were going to interview so we could do the interview with some intelligence.  Also by knowing the person you are interviewing you show them that you took the time to research and that you actually care about what you were doing.

I knew I had to take that night after the event and spend it researching the experts I was about to ask to do an interview with.

If I was going to be pushed this far out of my comfort zone by doing something I really did not feel I was going to be good at I was at least going to do it as right as I possibly could.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached myself now to do interviews.  I have done several of them but even more I have turned down.

When I ask the person who wants to interview me what they want the interview for, and they do not have a good reason or plan of action that they can show me so I know it is not just going to set around on their desktop with all the products they have purchased, I tell them NO!

I am sure it has made a few people mad but why should I expect less from you than I was willing to put forth for my product and y success?

OK clearly, there is just a TON of details that I am not able to cover in this email today without making t an eBook in itself.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to having a 6 figure launch over just making a few bucks.  Things like crafting the right offer, Getting the right bonus offers, writing or outsourcing your sales page or making a sales video, coming up with pre-launch content, how to approach and get JV and affiliate partners, creating viral buzz during your launch, etc. etc.

I can tell you right now that the biggest advantage I had to having a 6 figure launch was having a Mentor and coach.

In fact, having a launch mentor or coach who can guide you through this process is honestly the BEST INVESTMENT you can really make.  One single tip or strategy can make you an extra $10,000-$20,000 or more! (And I am not kidding!)

Stop and think about that for a second if you do not really believe that.  Harris Fellman presented me with a challenge to make what I made in a year at my job with my up-coming launch.

When I presented this challenge to Keith he knew exactly what I needed to do in order to meet that challenge.

We made it happen.  My coach told me what I needed to do and I did it.  It was not easy for me… But I knew I could not keep living in the place I was in my life.

Things had to change. You may be at that place right now as well. My question to you is what are you willing to do for that change to happen?

I recommend if you have not looked at the Ebook I sent to you in the last email that you do so.  Pay particular attention to what I wrote on the Interview process that Heather Vale taught me that day at that live event.

It is good information and it will go into more detail than I am going to put into this email. It starts on page 18 in section 3.

Here it is again if you did not get it from the last email. I really suggest you read the information before the next email I send so you are prepared for what I am going to do next.


It is probably the best content in the whole book.  It is also one of the only parts that was not re-written and re-branded from Private Label Rights material.

Now you know the secret I discovered while doing my research that I told you about in email 1 that I used to create my eBook fast and without knowing all the information myself.

Well that is enough for this email.  We have a long way to go.

Next email I am going to do something for 1 or possibly 2 of you that is something I have not done for anyone in some time now.  I will even get Paul Counts to do the same.  He does not know this yet but I know he will  be reading this and I will get a phone call wanting to know what I am getting him into now! :)

Until then stand in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS: Please leave me any comments you have to these emails I am writing.  I would love your feedback and the interaction.


Internet Marketing With Jeff Wellman From the Beginning (email1)

Something just occurred to me recently that I had
not really given any thought to since I started online
back in 2007.

How many of you really know who Jeff Wellman is?

After 4+ years things have really changed.

When I first got started back in May of 2007 I was
pretty much known and branded as Keith Wellman’s Dad.

Actually that branding started the day Keith came into
my life as my son. Once you have children you become
known as somebody’s Dad or Mom. No complaints here! :)

Now this remained the fact for some time. No matter
what I did it was thought that it must be somehow
connected to Keith in the minds of my target audience.

I also seemed to get credit for any good or bad that
Keith may have done. Of course in my eyes it was all

The last couple events I spoke at I have realized
something that has changed… I have my own identity
back in the marketplace.

Pretty cool. I am not seen as Keith’s Dad like I once

In fact many do not even make the connection any more
and are surprised when I tell them.

Of course I am still proud of the fact and will shout
it from the mountain tops that I am Keith’s Dad.

But who is this guy Jeff Wellman now after 4+ years
of running my own successful company from home, creating
several top notch Information products and coaching and
mentoring many students to have their own success after
teaching them the proven systems I use in my own business.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Back in 2006 I was informed I was going to be laid off from
a very prominent world know company. What a blow this
had on my life. The impact it had on my financial life
was like something I had never experienced before.

We managed to hang in their until May of 2007 but during
that year after the notification I began working less hours
and finances were cut severely. Each month i got farther and
farther behind on my bills and farther into debt.

Credit card companies show no mercy whatsoever and neither
do mortgage companies. Just in case you did not know that
let me be the first to tell you.

Well to make a long story short my Son Keith decided it was
his job to help out his Dad and he called me up on the phone.

He started talking all sorts of crazy talked that up until
that moment I pretty much just disregarded and hoped that
whatever he was doing to make money was legal.

I was not much of a savvy Computer guy. I was one of those
that thought you had to be a young kid to really know much
about the technology that was progressing at a rapid speed
with the Internet and computers.

After sort of giving him the run around during our phone
conversation he said, “Dad listen to me, You have a couple
choices to make right now. Either try what I am doing
or go look for another job. But what do you have to lose by
just giving what I am saying a try?”

Every inch of my being wanted to do what was familiar to
my way of thinking and my up-bringing. I wanted to say,
“Keith I am going to go look for another job, I need
the security.” When I heard the word security in my mind
it p me from saying those words and what I heard come
out of my mouth still surprises me to this day.

I told him I would give his way a try.

What he did next forever changed my life.

He told me to go check my email for an email he just sent me.

I sure did not know what was in store for me when I opened
up the email he sent.

When I opened up the email I found…

I guess I am getting a little long with this email so I better
wait and fill you in on part 2 in the next couple days.

I can’t wait to share the rest of this with you and tell you
what awaited me when I took action and followed the instructions
Keith gave me that day on the phone.

Will talk to you.

As always stand in your greatness today and each day of your

Jeff Wellman

PS: I will get to the part as to why I finish my emails
by telling you to stand in your greatness. Some of my students
really opened my eyes up to something that I so connected to
in my own life that needed a big over-haul.

Video Editing, Blurring out Faces Using Sony Movie Studio

Video Editing Tutorials, Easily Learn To Edit Your Videos

Learn how to blur out faces using Sony Movie Studio.

Learning how to edit video is now more important than ever. Whether you are in marketing, sales or almost any business field, knowing the basic skills necessary to produce a video presentation is crucial to get your point across.

Millions of videos are being uploaded to YouTube and other sites daily, providing potentially thousands of people to see what you have to offer. Even if you don’t need video editing skills for your business, they can make great gifts as keepsake items for friends and family. Grandma would love a special video from you, filled with her old photographs set to music.

You Need to Learn these Skills Now!!

Learn about compositing video, importing video, creating audio envelopes, various types of formats, and many more topics to give you the knowledge to make your creativity come alive.

These lessons, two to fourteen minutes in length, will keep your attention without tying up your valuable time. They are formatted mp4 versions, perfect for viewing on a most Windows computers, Mac smartphone or a laptop, wherever and whenever you want to learn a new technique.
Watch These Lessons with HD Quality picture and Sound

If you’ve searched endlessly on YouTube for tutorials, you’ll know how often poor quality will interfere with your ability to learn. Grainy video and distracting noise infest many tutorials out there. Some have heavy metal music banging away or feature mumbling teenagers who rush so fast through the lesson, you have no time to grasp the concepts. These lessons, hosted by former radio announcer, Harvey Poling, look great, even on HD monitors and feature high quality sound. The tutorials zoom in during key moments to allow you to see all the details. You’ll have no problem hearing and seeing these lessons.

I am very impressed by this video editing package and I highly recommend this package if you really want to learn how to edit videos. Check out Video Editing Simplified

Jeff Wellman

Website Traffic Generation…Getting Traffic To Your Website

Traffic Generation, Consistency Is Key

Imagine sitting a banquet up in your best room, you’ve brought in the finest meats, delectable deserts and set the table for the biggest gathering you’ve ever had…now the guests just have to show up.  Then you realize that just setting up your meal doesn’t guarantee you will have any company.

Setting up an online business is somewhat like that.  You take the voluminous amount of time setting up a website, you create a product and do all the steps necessary to make money, but does that automatically mean that the money will start pouring in?

Now let’s reverse the dinner scenario and imagine you invite 30 people over for a special meal, but you refuse to cook anything or make any preparations until you are certain that the guests have shown up and they are hungry.  You can be assured you will never get those people to commit to another engagement again, because you were not prepared.

So this is the catch 22 of any business, you must have a business set up in order to sell, but that does not mean you will have any eager customers ready to buy when you open the doors.  This is where the tedious and elusive quest for customers begins and continues throughout your business life.  There is no ironclad formula for attracting customers, creating sales and maintaining a loyal base, only theories.  Our job to sift through them all and find one works for us.

This is the point that I find myself in my marketing plan.  I have set up the websites, created products, made promotion videos and the mechanisms of facilitating sales, now I need to cast a wide net of customers.  I have to tell myself to be patient and continue to do the steps outlined by Jeff Wellman and other successful marketing teachers to steadily build a loyal foundation of customer support.  In other words, there is no magic easy “button” to create a moneymaking website, like anything in life, it takes lots of time.  Even after a website has been carefully fashioned, there is no guarantee that sales will come pouring in.  My brain tells me that, but my imaginations still get the better of me.  As I said in previous articles, this endeavor will take time.  I force myself to look at the long term, perhaps a few years in the future.

Once again, I may be putting a wet blanket on those folks out there that want to read amazing get rich stories that will motivate them to buy a product.  That may be great for marketers, but attitudes like that will quickly degenerate into discouraged laziness.  People with unrealistic expectations will soon throw the products aside, claiming they don’t work, when in reality, they were the ones who refused to work.

Laziness rears its head in all sorts of areas in life.  For instance, I am a great fan of GPS units.  I am fascinated by a little device that can tell you how to get to any place on the planet.  I have one in the car, in our cycles and one in my hand when my Wife and I hike.  In other words, I am a tech junky.

I’ve noticed that many people purchase these things, leave them in a box until they go on a big trip.  After all, they don’t need something telling them directions in their own back yard.  Therefore, they pull out their new infernal machines on their grand adventure and try to understand its operation, while one hand’s on the wheel and the other is handing fries to junior.  They soon throw it in the truck, claiming the stupid thing does not work.  They spend needless time folding and unfolding maps or reading ketchup-stained directions. Their problem; they did not take the time to master the device when they already knew where they were.  They laziness cost them use of a valuable asset, all because of their lack of preparation to understand its operation.  Millions of dollars of research and development wasted on an individual customer because they avoided reading an owner’s manual.

How does this relate to marketing?  Have you bought a marketing product and left it in its box, refusing to learn its features, ignoring its potential, simply out of impatience or lethargy?  None of these great products will spring out of there mystical containers, set up your site, draw the masses and deliver wheelbarrows of money to your door.  Yes, I’m disappointed too, that would be nifty.   These are but tools and plans; you must supply the lumber and pound the nails.

I’ve received some great tools from Jeff & Paul and I’ve pounded some nails and got a site going with hand crafted video products.  Now the work continues to bring people in.  Just like a barker from an old-time circus sideshow, it’s my job to appeal to the masses to come to the marketing tent.  Now if I just could get a two-headed goat.

Harvey Poling jr.


Internet Marketing Startup Help

Getting Started In Internet Marketing

I am continuing to relate my marketing adventures to you in hopes it will serve to inspire and instruct those who are still teetering on the fence of self-doubt as to whether they should ply their knowledge into actual sales.  Although it is valuable to learn from experts in marketing, it might also be illustrative to read about others in various stages of process in order to meet readers where they are at in their new journey in online sales.

I related in my last post about creating my first product, a video tutorial series; Video Editing Simplified but I felt the need to purchase another web domain name so I could eventually sell some marketing related products.  These types of products would not mesh with a video editing themed blog, so I chose http://www.stompondebt.com as my new vehicle for this purpose.  This forced me to learn and relearn several steps, such as purchasing a web domain, choosing a host and transferring the domain to the host company.

Like anything in life, sometimes you have to take a few steps back, before you can go forward.  For instance, I originally decided to place my blog in a separate folder on the website (/blog).  My reasoning was that people would first land on my sales page, and then they could advance to the blog site.  After taking the time to install WordPress on the “/blog” folder, I decided that I would have more options if I put the blog on the landing page.  That meant figuring out how to uninstall my previous WordPress and install it into the “/public.html folder which would then make the blog the first thing people would see when navigating to the site.  I think this will be a permanent fixture in my marketing activities.  Once you set something up, you will find out either you have done it incorrectly, or you think up another, hopefully better way to present your products.  This translates into time and forethought.  After all, selling requires you to get into the mind of your potential customer and that takes practice and trial and error.

It might be helpful for readers if I boil down the steps I took to get my site set up and a product ready for sale.  Sometimes you have to hunt and search the Internet in multiple places to find the exact steps to do anything. Finding one page that spells it all out is very valuable.  Therefore, here is my attempt to get you to bookmark this page.  Here is an overview of my marketing progress.

1.  Write down a list of possible domain names.  Keep in mind the best ones are simple, easy to spell and self-explanatory as to the purpose of the website.  Go to http://www.godaddy.com or the equivalent and search to see if these sites names are available.  Once you find one you are satisfied with, buy it for around $8 to $12 a year.

2. Find someone to host your site.  I chose Host Gator, which is what Jeff Wellman recommends.  This cost me $95 a year for the “Baby Plan” which offers many features for the price.  Then I had to transfer the domain name from Go Daddy to Host Gator.  I called the Host Gator support for information on this and they were very helpful.

3. Using the user name and password sent to you by Host Gator (or other host site), sign into your website, called Cpanel, organize, and prepare your website.  There you can install WordPress to create a blog, create folders for images, sales pages and other elements you will need to make your site fulfill your visual needs.

4. Set up the WordPress blog site (another set of user name & password) and decide how you want your blog to look, including personal logos and other specific elements.  Write some articles about your niche to encourage readership.  Install a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug-in to enter keywords and a summery to make search sites find you easier.

5. If you do not all ready have a product for sale, you can use your blogs to host affiliate ads so you can make money selling other people’s products that match your interest.

6. Begin the laborious process of creating your own product.  This could include video tutorials, PowerPoint lessons or an actual physical product.

7. Once you have something to sell, upload your digital products to your server in a special folder.  Use a program like Filezilla (an ftp upload program) to connect to your website.  Create a sales page and Thank you/download page specifying all the benefits and advantages of your product.  I use the very popular KompoZer application to create web pages.  This is a free program that can be found on the Internet.  Be very detailed as to what the customer will receive, guarantees, etc.  Once you are finished, download these two pages to your server in a dedicated folder, like “/sales” and “/myproduct”.   If you are like me, your pages will undergo several revisions as you incorporate more elements and a better pitch.

8.  Create a free account at Clickbank if your product is digital in nature.  Go through the process to submit a project proposal, get the code to link a buy button to your product.  Now it’s time to test, test, test.  The purpose is to make sure the customer can click on the buy button and land on your product pay page on Clickbank.  Clickbank can provide you with fake credit card numbers to enter into the forms.  Once the payment process is completed, you should land on your thank you download page.  This page will have links to all your products your customers have purchase.  Make sure you test all the links to make sure they work.  Give detailed instructions to customers on this page on how to download each product.  Assume your customers know nothing about computers; it will keep your product returns down to a minimum.  Once you are certain that your sales page is set, the download page is perfect and your product description to Clickbank is written properly…then go through the requirements of Clickbank products to see if your pages comply.  Then and only then submit your proposal for evaluation by the Clickbank folks.  If your product is approved, you pay $50 to activate it.  If not, they will explain why it is not and you should correct your pages accordingly.

9.  Rejoice if you are approved, maybe grab a bag of chips and munch away.  Now it is time to construct your ads in Clickbank that will allow others to see what you have for sale.  This is free and allows you up to five ads.  Once again, this process requires approval to be accepted.  I was rejected a couple of times in my ads.  Be warned you cannot use any trademark names in the keyword and there are other rules, but they were polite and worked with me.

Whew, that’s the overview and now my product is for sale, but I am constantly tweaking it here and there to try to get it noticed.  This is the part of marketing that cannot be easily taught…it may be more of an art.  The art of convincing others to part with their money.  I think we are all learning that…even the experts!

Harvey Poling jr.

Video Editing Simplified

Getting Started Online For Beginners

Success Tips & Strategies To Get Started Online!

Getting started online as an Internet Marketer is not as easy as many seem to tell you.  Anytime you venture from the theoretical marketing world into the actual rough and tumble marketplace, you soon realize that learning the techniques is just the first step.  Actually putting into practice the things you learn is both rewarding and scary at the same time.

I have been writing a few articles for Jeff Wellman’s blog, taking my recently learned facts, coupling them with my own life’s experiences that hopefully presented material that inspires others to achieve marketing success.  I now know from personal experience how daunting, challenging and yes utterly exciting it is to create a website, make a blog and create a salable product.  I think chronicling my experiences about this new venture will underscore the fact, that you can do this too.

My first step to Internet Marketing and gaining credibility in the marketplace was to create my own blog using WordPress at Video Editing Simplified.   By asking Jeff Wellman many questions and reading on the Internet, I started writing my own posts, concentrating on provided good keywords, so the search engines would find me quickly.   We have discussed earlier about using the Google Adword Tool, which allows you to test all kinds of keywords and phrases to target my niche.   I submitted my site to any free service I could find, of course Google being the primary one.  Jeff helped me add an affiliate link to Rapid Cash Marketing on WordPress and I signed up at Clickbank to add more affiliates in an attempt to monetize the blog.

Then there was the process of actually writing the articles for my new blogsite.  This takes some time and effort, so be aware.  There was a sense of satisfaction however, after each story was published.  Seeing the content grow and realizing that each contribution made it more valuable to potential readers. My goal was to obviously have interesting content, good keyword support and in my case record several video tutorials to augment the article. I found some very good free stock pictures at Microsoft’s Clipart site: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/  to make the submissions more visually appealing.

Since my niche for this blog is video editing, I found it more useful to record myself demonstrating editing techniques using Camtasia.  This cut down on having to write boring technical details, instead readers could simply click on the tutorial and watch.  How did I incorporate video into my blog?  Really, it is quite easy.  You need to create a Youtube account and upload any video associated with your marketing needs.  While uploading, fill out the form describing the video, appropriate keywords and the http address of your site.  When the video is processed, click on it to view, then press the “embed” button, this will give you the html code to place it into your blog.  Copy and paste this code into your blog article (make sure the html view is selected in the WordPress edit window).  If you have done it properly, you will see a nice video box in your article that readers can view.

I was excited when I received emails notifying me that people had commented on my blog.  I told Jeff and his Wife, Lorraine: Lorraine’s Blog about my blog’s growing popularity.  Alas, Lorraine explained that the general, vague comments were most likely spam and I should delete them.  Spammers comment on hundreds of blogs in an attempt to advertise their sites.  Some of these sites are potentially dangerous to your computer if you click on them and many contain pornography.  I was deflated, to say the least.  Lorraine softened the blow by explaining that spam was proving that my blog was getting into the search engines.  Well, just another fact to add to my mental database of Internet disappointments.

One of my failings was my tendency to make video intros too long.  I received a few comments from Youtube viewers complaining about them.  It is never easy receiving negative feedback, but it is essential in order to improve your chances to gain customers.  Therefore, I created a much shorter intro for the most popular video and will work on the rest later.  It would be very unrealistic for me to paint a rosy picture of total success in my new endeavors.  This is a good time for me to admit to frustration in these efforts.  Every account you open requires passwords ( I suggest getting a password program to store them), new understanding on how to navigate these sites and a myriad of other details.  I find the quality of being stubbornly determined is very handy in marketing or with anything associated with a computer.  Trying things repeatedly with slight changes is the only way to get the desired results sometimes.

During the same time, I was not only creating some videos for Jeff for an upcoming product, but was also making tutorials for my first product.  I have a full time job, so this work was undertaken during my downtime.  This process requires recording screen casts in Camtasia, augmenting sound and adding elements in Vegas Pro and making sure that they were tucked neatly into organized folders, so I could make sense of it all.  This process took several weeks and finally my product videos were ready.

Now many questions came bubbling up for poor Jeff.  How do I make a squeeze, thank you and download page?  Where do I put it?  How do I submit my product to click bank so they will accept it?  More information, more work and more questions continued to rear their ugly heads.  Finally, I had my product videos and sales pages uploaded to my site and tested to see if they worked.  I had my product proposal submitted to Clickbank.  I was relieved to learn they accepted it.  Fortunately, Jeff had some valuable suggestions, not only sell the product in the front end; add PLR rights to the videos as a separate product.  He also suggested I remove the wmv files (which were bundled in the product) and include them instead to the PLR product to enhance their value.  I agreed it made a lot of sense, but oh, no, that means more changes to the sales and thank you pages and stripping my videos of there identifying elements so that customers can brand them.  I am still in the process of the PLR phase of my first product launch. Well at least I have a product actually for sale at this point.  Video Editing Simplified

In the next article, I will be relating my next web site launch and the associated joys and sorrows of creating it.  I hope these details will not bore you too much, but will inspire you.  You remember how I confessed my fears of starting something new in my earlier posts.  So this should motivate you to use the information you’ve obtained from Rapid Cash and from the fine marketing products and start your path toward greater financial independence.  I am taking that path, sometimes taking a few steps back, resting for a moment, but I am finally committed in make this work.  If my journey will help other fellow beginning marketers, so much the better.

Harvey Poling jr.

Video Editing Simplified