JV Partners, Choosing The Right One. Email 16

Finding JV Partners You Can Trust

In Internet Marketing and Affiliate product promotions it is not just about finding JV Partners, It is about finding JV partners and affiliates you can trust.

I kind of got lost in my series of emails I was writing.

Like many of you can understand, life just seemed to interrupt my direction and flow.

I am not sure If I will continue the series much farther if at all right now as I have to focus on some other aspects of my business for a bit.

But I want to go back and re-visit email number 11 in the series for a few moments today where I was talking about JV Partners.

If your missing the series or not sure what I am talking about you can find all of the 15 previous emails right here on the blog.

JV partners are a crucial part of my business,  but I am not just saying I grab all of them I can.  I have to be able to build a trusted relationship with each one or it just is not anything I want to be a part of.

You need to be able to do the same.

I guess there really is no simple way to know those you can trust accept to go with your gut instinct.

I recently was approached by a JV partner that wanted to do an ad swap with Paul and I.  Basically he wanted to send out to his  list something for Paul and I and in return we would send out to our lists promoting something for him.

This is a great way to build lists when it works properly,

When we got the links to everything we were going to promote for the JV partner we were doing the ad swap with I clicked on the link like any good marketer would do to make sure that it was indeed good value for you as a member on my list.

The sales video wen to a product that I was not 100% familiar with but had seen it, and looked into promoting it back in 2009.

The sales video was still showing screen shots from income he made in 2009.

In my mind (as I am sure it would with you)I started wondering if the product was up to date as well.  I let the JV partner we were working with know about all of my concerns in hopes that he would address them to my satisfaction so I would feel comfortable about Paul and I sending this offer out to you.

My response I got back was a response of shock from the JV partner in questions.  He was shocked that he even got an email from a JV partner questioning these concerns.

He assured me that it was converting very well for other marketer.

Of course a couple of the names he gave me were of names of marketers that are known for promoting pretty much anything as long as it is converting and making money.

So this did not set well with me and assure me that Paul and I should promote the product in question.

My return response was basically let’s not do this.  How about if we just stick to the plan and send to a squeeze page for you like we originally agreed to.

So he sent us the link to the squeeze page which I checked out and found that it promised free information on how to discover some sneaky little trick he knew to generate income.  Of course it was written better than that but you get the picture.

Well when Paul and I signed up for it to make sure the content you were going to get if you chose to sign up was good we seen it re-directed to the original sales page I said I did not want to promote.

This was not a huge concern to me at the moment as it is a tactic that works well.  My main concern was the content you were going to get once you signed up.

Paul and I went through the optin process and found you got nothing but the sales video.  OK this in my mind is a little deceptive.

I thought I was going to get a PDF or video letting me know the information he was claiming and I was lead to believe I was going to get on the squeeze page.

Well in fact you do get it, but only if you choose to buy the product I decided no tot promote to you.

When I questioned this I received back a response that very quickly convinced me that I would not do business with this particular JV partner in the future.  I also would not pursue any further relationship.

His response was, “You just asked for a squeeze page. I created a squeeze page. If you wanted content and all of that for it, you should have said so.

This really did not set well at all as you can imagine.  I have always thought that the name of this whole business was adding value into the lives of those we market to.

I guess I just assumed that this JV Partner that teaches people that when you send people to a squeeze page, to make sure you are giving those that opt-in something of value that is worth them giving you their name and email would follow his own teachings.

As I read further into his email back to me again I was kind of shocked by one last response.

He said, “I’m really, really surprised at you Jeff.

It’s one thing to have all of these concerns of people you don’t know.  But from people that helped bring you up from the beginning?”

Now I always teach that when you build relationships with JV partners that you will find some that you will really get to know and trust.  You will just know that what they put out is good and will not have to buy everything first to check it out before promoting.

Well in this case he s saying I should have this kind of trust in him.

I would agree except for the fact I have never built a relationship with this marketer in the 5 years I have been online.  I have tried but it never seemed to go anyplace.

I met him once and possibly promoted my very first product.  If he did he did not get noticed on my radar except for the fact that he was a friend of my son Keith.

That reason alone kept me wanting to build a relationship with him over the years but it just never seemed to happen.

Maybe now I know the reason why.

I guess what I really want to get across to you is this…

It is important to build good solid JV relationships.  But it is just as important that you build good relationships with the right partners.

All of your JV partners are not going to have the same concerns for your subscribers as you hopefully do, or will when you get to the point of list building.

You are in charge of providing value to your list and not anyone else.

Choose your business relationships very carefully.

If Paul and I would not have cared enough about you our subscribers, and would not have did our job and looked into the what we were supposed to send to you, who would you have come to in disgust when you found you just trusted us, and then found you got nothing of value in return.

Exactly my point.

Choose your JV Partners carefully.  Some just are not meant to be.

Be OK with that and move forward.

Have a great day and continue standing in your greatness!

Jeff Wellman

PS:  Because Paul and I were doing our best to give you something of value through the ad swap we were going to do, and it did not materialize as we had hoped we have decided to send you a free gift today.

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How would you have handled this situation?  Would love to hear your comments.

15 thoughts on “JV Partners, Choosing The Right One. Email 16

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  2. Hey Jeff,

    Providing good, useful content and helpful tips must be the first thing that every marketer should be focus about or else there’s no way one could build a business both online and offline although offline is a lot more easier.

    Regarding JV’s partners, I can say that with each passing day they are becoming harder to approach and to get their attention (well at least for me), and although providing helpful content to their subscribers should be their concern, known marketers with big lists just seem to become un approachable, maybe it’s due to the fast growth of the info marketing area and the amount of JV’s emails they get each day.

    I even bought personal coaching programs from two of the big names in the industry only to be able to approach them, to prove that I can add value to their subscribers if they will JV with me, starting to work with them proved me that I know a lot more about marketing than they do, but the fact that they have the right connection was the only difference between them making significant amount of money while I only earn my living.

    They have monsters sales funnels, a small list of followup emails providing good content, seem that they only have that famous 7 number content emails and than they are a lot more concerned about selling until one unsubscribe. Yes, it’s all about building a business and making money but due to my three years online, I can see that there are less and less marketers that can hold a subscriber for long periods and I wonder why marketing online hasn’t long goals plan as offline business does, or it’s because everyone is trying to make the maximum amount of money from a subscriber because they know the life lane would be short so who cares.. and that’s the kind of JV’s that can be easily approachable and I did work with a few for short time period but is this the kind of JV’s one should be looking for?

    I can also testify that as one of Paul subscriber since a few years, I’ve followed closely your co-operation since the beginning and it only prove that finding a JV partner isn’t enough, the success must have the completion equation and that is quite difficult to find. You guys rock and this should be highly appreciated.

    Liked & Twitted, Thanks for the report :)

    Ziki De Naim

    • JV partners are getting harder to approach and it is getting harder all of the time to find good ones that have the integrity you should be looking for.

      That is why it is so good to be a person of integrity yourself and to really build relationships with the good ones so that you can keep them on your side.

      As you move forward looking for JV partners you will find out soon which ones are the real deal and which ones are just there to make a buck.

      I think the good ones will have a long term goal in mind just like the offline world. To many people are here to just hit it as hard as they can and make a bunch of money while they last.

      This is a good topic to do some new training on. Getting JV partners is not what it once was.

  3. Bravo Jeff. I appreciate the fact the there are marketers out there that are not just out to make a buck, they have to provide reasonable up to date content to their followers. Too many marketers just want to get into your wallet. If they want to be around in a few years still then integrity must come first.
    Thanks for caring about your list and your business.

  4. WOW! Live and learn. I think you handled it in the best way you could. When it boils down to your own credibility, you have to JV with people you can trust. It’s not all about the money. You are a stand up guy Jeff! Also, thanks for the freebie :)

  5. Great info, Jeff. JV’s and affilliates are the next on my list of things to learn about and pursue. Thank you for the case study. We can all learn from it.

    I have found I need to go with my gut in accepting website clients, too. I’ve turned away numerous clients over the years because it just wasn’t right. AND I’ve taken on ones I KNEW I shouldn’t have and paid a price (just went through this scenario yesterday!!). Your reminder is timely :)

    All the best!

    Theresa 😎

  6. Thanks for looking out for your list. So many people are just trying to get you to pay stuff that you are being to wonder who to trust. I have started to delete some of those people that I have noticed promote anything and everything. And ask for refunds when it is not as promoted.

  7. Funny you should ask. I just bought a web tool from someone who has some good products but some tactics and strategies I can’t abide by. He is a likable enough fellow and has made a lot of money online or so he tells everyone but I need to see more than that in a partner. I’ve know a few people in the car business over the years that were likable and made a lot of money but they were con artists and not what I consider good sales people.

    The con artist finds it easy to get the first deal from a customer. A sales person finds it easy to get the second as a result of the first and there in lies the difference.

    Barbara Coloroso is an author I read and listened to while raising my kids and I often measure things by what I would tell my kids. Barbara may not have coined this phrase but it is to her I give credit. ” Say what you mean. Mean what you say and do what you said you would do.” It is the foundation of a good relationship.
    I try to treat my customers as I would treat my kids. As fair as possible. I don’t introduce them to con artists no matter how much money they make or could help my kids make.

    You get to work with your son. That’s a blessing and a responsibility.

    Here is how I’m sharing my list with my associates, affiliates and JV partners.
    http://instantadvertisingcampaigns.com/ . I would love to include you.

  8. Thanks for the warning Jeff. It’s good to know that there are still some “good” guys out there. We need all the help we can get.


  9. Good for you Jeff. I find it odd how people who are doing things that fall into the gray or black areas are always quick to attack you when you stand up against it. Even those who do those things without bad intent.

    I know that some people do things that they shouldn’t simply because the don’t know any better and have been taught something that seems to work. Not everyone it trying to be deceptive. But when you point it out to them their first response is to lash out against you.

  10. That interesting. I have done JV but usually their list is either too big or too small to do a fair swap. I will look over the Affiliate Recruitment Checklist.
    Thank you

  11. I think I am going to be taking my Partner Eric Holmlund’s advice and bring this up as a subject to talk about in the Real Guys Coaching calls. Will make some good training.

    We need JV partners but we have to be careful for sure. Never compromise your own Integrity.

    Thanks for all that have commented.

  12. Hey Jeff, Thanks for standing up and staying firm with your values and beliefs especially in the IM Space. Real guys indeed. That’s what I persevere to do as well and thank goodness you guys are real lol.

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