Product Creation By Jeff Wellman Creation To Product Marketing

Creating Your Online Internet Products.

If you’ve ever stopped and thought about doing your very own product you probably know what a daunting process this seems like it will be.

Affiliate Marketing which is nothing more than promoting other marketer’s products and services is probably the easiest way to get started making money on the Internet if it is done properly. With anything you do there is of course a learning process that you will find yourself going through.

With Affiliate Marketing You will find that you will not have to worry about dealing with customer support, taking payments through credit cards, issuing refunds to the unhappy should that just could not find anything good about the product that they probably never intended on using in the first place or putting the time and energy into actually creating your own product in the first place.

But, as time goes on and you get more experienced in your business you will soon find that the real money is in product creation. Trust me when I tell you that it is well worth your time and energy you will spend creating your own products.

There will soon be no doubt in your mind whatsoever that this is where the Gurus rake in the largest amounts of money in their business.

Product creation also helps you become the credible expert that you need to become in order to be a successful online Marketer.

Join me in the following video as I walk you through the product creation steps from creating to marketing your own online products.

4 thoughts on “Product Creation By Jeff Wellman Creation To Product Marketing

  1. Hey Jeff! Nice fresh blog you have here :)

    Agree about creating products. Just wanted to drop by and mention a I Miss You and Thinking About You.

    About time I got my hands and feet to work about a product too lol

    God bless you my friend and inspiration.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I’m wondering if you could email me privately. I’ve come across a work of yours which is 13 Chapters long starting with “Getting Started”, “A winning mindset”, “Passion to Profit” etc. I’d be interested in having a chat with you about it, as I was asked to base a training course on it, but the ‘client’ told me it was their authored work. Yet I saw your name as the author on the word documents. I stopped work on the project, as I was told to cut and paste the words used. The ‘client’ says he bought the work off you as a Private Label Rights product, so I’d like to determine if I’m being told the truth, and if you have already published the book and made everyone aware that it needs to be rewritten. Thanks for contacting me. Eliza

    • Interesting that it would do that for you and not anyone else as it is a youtube video and the settings are not set to autoplay. Have a great day!

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