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Your Guide To Internet Marketing Success- Online Marketing Success Tips with Jeff Wellman

This is your place to be for your Internet marketing guide to success with tips, strategies and resources to improve your chance for success online.

Let’s be upfront from the beginning…

To build a successful online business you will have to begin a journey and at times I can honestly say that it won’t be a smooth journey. There will be road blocks and challenges along the way.

Everyone (without exception) who had achieved success online went through a journey. It’s a process every successful entrepreneur must go through.  There is a price to pay for success.

Jeff Wellman Founder and CEO of Layoff Your Boss Marketing LLC is an Online Internet Marketing Coach and Mentor Offering expert Coaching and mentoring to beginners on how to generate Income online to replace your current income or to make a supplemental income to help keep the bills paid up and have enough extra to do the things you enjoy doing in life.

Jeff has created several information products, and has has helped many others get their start online. He is an expert speaker who has spoken from stage at many live seminars across the nation delivering hope to those struggling trying to get their own online business up and running.

During this time of a struggling economy Jeff Successfully started his own Internet Marketing Business in May of 2007 after Laying off His Boss after he was informed that the company he was working for announced it was downsizing, and that Jeff was going to be losing his jobs and the benefits that went with his position.  .

May of 2007 after Jeff was informed that he would be loosing his job.  He got to wondering what would he do next.

Jeff’s son Keith Wellman who is very successful in the world of Internet Marketing  decided that his Dad should  give IM a try.  Jeff had  never really consider this as an option but he knew he needed to do something. Unemployment was not an option at this point as it would not pay the bills..

Jeff took his son up on his offer and found himself doing things he never dreamed were possible for him to be doing. Before going to Atlanta to begin his new adventure Jeff walked into his Boss’s Office and let him know that he was the one that was getting laid off and that he would not be back to work any more.

Jeff found himself in the next couple days interviewing experts,  writing an E-book, and making videos.  He attended Kenneth McAurthur’s Get Your Product Done Live event in Atlanta Ga where Jeff was able to meet and interview some of the most recognized marketers known such as Matt Bacak, Harris Fellman, Heather Vale, Ken McArthur,  Glenn Dietzel, Frank Sousa, Simon Leung, Sterling Valentine, Gary Ambrose, and many others.

Jeff successfully created and launched his first Internet Information Product Layoff Your boss just 3 weeks after he made the decision to start up his online business which he generated $104,439.00 within the first 30 days

Jeff knew there were more folks in the same situation he had found himself in that needed help. Jeff decided he wanted to dedicate his time and business to helping other beginners that are struggling to get started online the same way he had been given help by his son, and by teaching them the same proven system of building an online business.

Jeff is amazed at what an experience this has been.  He has learned so much about himself, and what he is capable of accomplishing once he decided to just step out of his comfort zone, face his fears, and give himself the permission needed to be financially free.

Guess what!  He believes you have the same capabilities and that you may even have a lot more.

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  1. Jeff,
    I have reached out to you and several more experts on facebook with a preview copy of my website that I commissioned for the interviews. I hope to hear something in the next few days from them. I believe that this webinar summit is going to come together nicely. The page turned out great. I hope you like it.

  2. Hi there Jeff!

    You are one of the top marketers in your field, and I would like to learn from you. Do you have any sort of mentoring/coaching program for Internet Marketing?

    Kind regards,

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