Adding Your Information To Clickbank. Affiliate Partner Advantage.

So the question presented to you in last weeks email #9 was
that, if the JV partners I had contacted that actually promoted
my product during the launch only brought in around $45,000 from
the front end, and the One Time Offer sales, and I did not have a
follow up email series in place to generate extra money, where did
the rest of the money come from.

Did you guess the answer?  Let’s find out!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn the answer to this as well.
When I seen it happening I couldn’t figure it out and had to ask
Keith what was going on.  I thought he was contacting more of his
partners for me.  That was not the case at all.

It was actually from affiliates that I never had contacted or heard of.

I put my product in the Clickbank marketplace and as the sales
were generated from my JV partners on launch day word started
getting around that my product was actually converting and others
began to jump on board to promote.

Basically it started going viral.

That is one of the benefits of making sure your product converts
the JV traffic they send into sales.

One thing I did not know about when we placed my product on
Clickbank is that Clickbank has;

Well over 100,000 active affiliates that are experience in
promoting niche products, and are looking and watching for products
in the Clickbank marketplace that are selling well and have the
capabilities of making them some good Affiliate commissions.

This and a good converting product, awesome converting sales copy, and
a pretty decent job of creating some buzz before my launch set things
into motion that generated my first 6 figure launch.

There are some disadvantages to Clickbank as well like a higher refund
rate, and a few others that you can do a quick Google search to find
out without me spending time to go into right now, but most of these
are very easily overcome by having a product that really helps and
provides excellent value to the customer.

OK, back to what was going on…

Not only were affiliates associated with Clickbank able to see that
the product was selling from the rising Gravity score when they searched
for my product in the Clickbank marketplace, but they also were paying
attention to my JV partners that were promoting my product.

Many of these Affiliates are on other top marketers list as well just
as you are.  They are seeing the massive email bombarding going out for
a product during any given launch.

You call it that week from hell when every marketer known to man is
sending out the same email and your email inbox is filled with the same
subject line asking you to buy the same product.

When your on the receiving end of all these emails you hate the launch
process and many times really vocalize your unhappiness. Yet at the same
time here you are striving to get to that very same place. The place where
you find yourself on the other side and everyone sending out emails for
your product launch.

Many people including possibly yourself get pretty sick and tired of
seeing all of these emails in their inbox.  But as an Affiliate with
the capabilities of competing against these big guys. I watch these
launches and look forward to these emails and so should you.

You see if a product is converting well you will see that most of
the JV partners will continue to hit the promotion pretty heavy all
throughout the launch.  If it is not converting the product launch emails
coming into my inbox usually slow down pretty rapidly.

If I see the product is continued to be promoted at a heavy pace and
others are jumping on, I will go sign up myself to check out the product
and promote if it looks to be a good fit for you.

Many people complain and un-subscribe from many lists because they
get way to many emails.

Well I use the many emails I get from all of the lists I am on as a
learning tool.

It helps me to see what others are doing and what seems to be working
and what is not working.  Sure there are some that I just do not make a
connection with that I find myself un-subscribing from, but I am very
careful in doing so, and so should you.

There is so much to learn about the launch process to ensure that
you have a successful launch.  We will continue to cover this subject
for the next few emails before we get into a very un-profitable 6 months
that followed my 6 figure launch.  You will not want to fall into the
same trap I did so I will do my best to guide you around it.

Until the next email continue to Stand in your greatness

Jeff Wellman

PS:  Well just like I thought I did not have enough time to cover the
process of contacting the potential JV partners and the launch contest

It is pretty exciting to watch as you strategically push your partners
to the point they are generating more sales for you by pushing the
competitive buttons that most of your JV partners have built within them.

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