Creating Your Front End Product and One Time Offer (email # 6)

The verdict is in as to who will win the Interviews with Paul Counts and I.  One person went all out on this one.  I have to say that many others were really trying hard as well.

We will get to that in just a few minutes.

I do not want to dwell much longer on the Interviews that I did as we have a lot more to cover leading up to my 6 figure product launch.

We are now into the last day of the Live event and I was frantically trying to get all of the 5 interviews done that I had scheduled.

We decided that Keith’s could be done back at his office so that just left one with Ken McArthur.  As it was his event it was pretty hard to get time with him to do the  interview on the last day.

I at first thought of cancelling it and then just going with 4.  But we came up with an idea to include Ken and a couple others that had agreed to do interviews with me.

Instead of doing live face to face interviews we would just do them as teleseminars and do them after the launch.

We added them all tot he sales page and then did them live after the launch for all of the buyers to attend the calls live if they wished.

So now the front end product was all done with the  exception of PowerPoint’s that we developed to go along with each of the 5 main interviews I did.

Plus I added in a quick video on a secret to using youtube to get traffic to your website.

Now it was time to get bonus offers for the front end and to come up with a One Time Offer.

We needed to get all of this accomplished and thought out before I headed back to Michigan so we could get the copywriter to get going on the sales copy.

I was a little nervous about spending $4500 for sales copy but Keith new that if we were going to make our $65,000 goal we needed good copy that was going to convert.

I have to say it was well worth the investment.

For the bonus offer I was out of ideas as to what I could so we turned to some of the JV Partners that had already committed to promoting the launch.

We had Liz Tomey add a great package she had created as a bonus offer.  it was something to do with underground traffic secrets which was perfect for getting traffic for  the Affiliate Marketing techniques I was teaching in my product. We limited this offer to add urgency to the front end.  Liz set up a squeeze page for my buyers to put in their name and email to get the bonus offer from her.

Now that was a pretty good incentive for her to want to add a bonus offer to my product.  Write this one down…  You do not have to be the one to do all of the product creation for your product launch.

With everything taken care of on the front end we needed to come up with a One Time Offer to make sure we actually made money on the launch.

The back end is where all the money is usually at.  On the front end we had my product listed at $37 and we were giving JV partners 75% commission which did not leave a lot for me.

We got together with another JV partner Harris Fellman to mastermind with to help come up with an idea.

Write this one down as well.  Stop stressing and find partners or mastermind groups to help come up with ideas.  Many times when you are drawing a blank someone else can see things a little clearer.

IN email 3 I gave you a link to a product that had a training called Masterminding Your Success.  I advise that you watch it if you do not know about Masterminding.

If you lost the link you can get it on the blog.

After much thought Harris came up with an idea that should save time that we were running short on.  We did not really want to create another product as we needed to use the time we had left to get JV Partners and get everything set up and ready to go before Launch day which we  set for May 22, 2007.  We had 18 days to go.

Harris came up with the idea to sell resell rights to the front end product for $77 and give the JV partners 50% commissions.

The product was now done or at least we knew what was going to be included so we could get all of the information to the copywriter.

Now it was time to get JV partners.

Wait I said I left a bunch of money on the table.  I had a front end Product and a One Time Offer.  But if you know my teaching you know I recommend something else to every sales process that is of vital importance.

I will go into this in the next email but if you know what I was missing that caused me to walk away with a lot of money on the table I want you to go to the blog and post your answer.  But I also want to here why you feel your answer could have generated me a lot of money.

I am interested to hear your answer. I kind of think that most are going to think it is something else other than what it actually was.

I will enter all of the ones with the right answer into a drawing and the winner will get a 30 minute consultation with Paul Counts and Myself to talk about your business.

OK time to comment and let me know your answer. Remember I need to know why it cost me a lot of money. Not just a one line answer. I need to know the importance of using the techniques you feel I did not include in my sales process.

Keep standing in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS:  Oops I forget.  Congratulations to Kevin Horn as the winner of the 2 interviews.  He really went all out for this one.  Job well done.

Next email we will be talking about JV partners.  This was a very different experience for me.  We will also get into the answer to what cost me a lot of money.  Also what I did do right that set me up ready to make a very good income after the launch.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this email series as well while your here on the blog.

If your looking for the link to the product with the Mastermind training look no further.

Using Interviews To Create Information Products (email 5)

As I look back over the emails of this series that I have written so far I see all of the things I did to really make my days I attended my first live event really count.

One of the biggest things I did was to choose to step far away from my comfort zone and interview 5 experts for my product I was creating for my launch.

The night before I did my interviews I chose to stay up almost the entire night researching the experts I had asked to do an interview with.

I had asked, Heather Vale, Harris Fellman, Simon Leung, Frank Sousa, Ken McArthur, and my son Keith.

Later after the event I asked Gary Ambrose and Sterling Valentine.

The only one of these experts that I knew much about was Keith.  All of the other interviews I did I knew really nothing about that person or what they were an expert at.

I just knew that they all had the information I needed that would make a difference with the value I provided with my product to my target audience.

My target audience sure did not want to know what I knew as at that time I knew nothing at all.

After the event on the 2nd night I excused myself and headed off to my hotel room where I began typing into Google the names of the experts I was going to interview.

I searched for their BIOs, I searched for every website and product associated with each of their names.  I wanted to be as familiar as I possibly could be with each one of these experts.  I wanted to show them I meant business and that I was interested in who they were and what they did.

Now came the fun part.  I decided to come up with 10 questions that I would ask each of the experts during the interview.  My goal was to have a good 45 minute to an hour long interview filled with good content.

But where would I come up with questions to ask when I knew nothing about the subjects I would be interviewing.  I have had many people ask me this question during the last 4 plus years as well.  We are all worried that we can’t do something that we are not familiar with.  I like to refer to our comfort zone as our familiar zone as well.  It is really hard to step outside the familiars of our life.  We like to do the things we are familiar with.  We like to hang around those that we are familiar with. It is hard to give up he familiar and try things we are not familiar with.

So haw did I come up with these 10 questions.  I had 3 sources;

  • The experts websites
  • Past interviews that the expert had done with others
  • My own lack of knowledge

First I went to every website.  Especially the sales pages to the products that the experts had. I looked for the claims that the experts made and I formulated them into questions for them to explain these claims.  I also looked for their big secrets they were going to reveal that they said nobody else was revealing to anyone.  I looked for their number ones as well.  An example of a number one was like what I found on Sterling Valentine’s JV Formula sales page.  He was talking about his number one traffic source.  Well I wanted to know what that was so I took and formulated a question similar to, “Sterling I was looking at your product JV Formula and in that product you reveal your number one traffic secret that use to get traffic to your websites.  That method being the use of Joint Venture Partners.  First of all could you explain to our viewers what a Joint Venture partner really is and then go into detail the benefits you see of using Joint venture partners.

Of course I would listen very intently to the answers Sterling would give me in order to formulate possible follow up questions from his answers to each of my questions.

This brings us to my 3rd method which is my lack of knowledge.  I was just like the new beginner just starting out without the knowledge to many questions I had.  So when I did not understand something the expert would say (which was often) during the interview, I simply formulated a question in a way to ask that expert to expand and explain further what they were just talking about.

I would have to say that the biggest advantage I had doing these interviews came from something Heather Vale taught me during her class I had been through just the day before. She told us the number one skill of an interviewer is to “LISTEN!”  If I did not learn it during her class I learned it very quickly during the first interview I did which was with Heather Vale herself.  While doing my research I learned that Heather was seen to be the Barbara Walters of the Internet.  This totally frightened me of course.  How could I possibly interview the person that was thought to be one of the biggest experts in the industry on interviewing.  Well I decided that if I was going to fail at this interviewing I would do it with the first interview and then just humbly bow out and go back to my $10,000 launch thinking.

The first couple minutes of my interview went great.  I was armed with my 10 questions to ask and a great introduction to who Heather was. I introduced Heather and gave a short BIO of what I had learned about Heather and then I asked her if she had anything else to add.  The next 10 minutes were something I will never forget.  I learned very quickly why the number one skill of an interviewer is Listening!.

Heather proceeded to not only add a few more things about who she was, but she also answered almost every question I had on my paper to ask her.  I went into panic mode for about 5 minutes wondering how I was going to get another 35 minutes or longer out of this interview when I had no more questions to ask.  That is when I discovered the importance of listening to the person you are interviewing.  I began to formulate questions from the things she was saying that I needed cleared up.  From that point on the interview took on a new life that I did not even expect.  I was able to get a good 45 minute interview done with Heather all because I learned from what she taught me and that I actually put into practice.

Imagine what we can accomplish every day if we would just follow the practice of following what we are taught and actually put it into practice.

Sure some of it is going to be hard and we might not understand it completely.  But we have to at least give it a try or we might as well pack it all in and go home just like Keith kept telling me every time I let fear creep in and try and prevent me from doing what I needed to do.

So what are you going to do today?  Try or pack it in and go home?

As I said in my last email I have something I want to offer a couple of people that are ready to put into practice something you should have learned something about in the last couple emails I have sent.

I am offering 2 people the opportunity to Interview myself and my business partner Paul Counts.

I have pretty much explained the conditions of doing an interview.   You must have a good reason and you must have some kind of a plan that explains what you will do with these interviews.  Leaving them set on your desktop in some folder where you will just forget about them is not an option.

In my ebook Affiliate Domination that I have sent to you in email 3 and 4 It teaches most of what I learned from Heather Vale and it will help you with your interview if your not sure what you are doing.

Today I taught you how I formulated my questions and how I came up with questions to ask.

Follow what I taught you and you can conquer this with no problem whatsoever.

If you are interested in doing these interviews post in the comments below why these interviews are important to you and what your action plan is to use the interviews you are going to be getting.

I will give you a couple days to get this done and then I will reveal to you in my next email I send out in this series who the winners are.

I have had several people already sending me messages on Facebook and to my support desk asking me what I was going to be doing because they wanted to make sure that they got in on whatever opportunity I was going to present to you today.

So the competition is looking to be fierce but that is OK.  Everyone is on an equal playing field and it starts right now and goes until Wed July 13th, 2011.  I will let everyone know who wins in my next email in this series that I will send out on Thursday. July 14th.

I will be corresponding with the comments on the blog that I get between now and then.

Good luck and continue to stand in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS:  I will also be talking to you about what happened when I ran out of time to get 3 of my interviews done that I promised on my sales page to be included in my product and how I came up with a One Time Offer to my product.  If the email does not get to long I will also let you know the biggest thing I was missing that had the potential of generating several thousand more dollars with my launch.  I left a lot of money on the table and I don’t want to see you do the same.  Unfortunately I see it happen a lot with new folks starting out.

See you in a couple days!