JV Partners, Choosing The Right One. Email 16

Finding JV Partners You Can Trust

In Internet Marketing and Affiliate product promotions it is not just about finding JV Partners, It is about finding JV partners and affiliates you can trust.

I kind of got lost in my series of emails I was writing.

Like many of you can understand, life just seemed to interrupt my direction and flow.

I am not sure If I will continue the series much farther if at all right now as I have to focus on some other aspects of my business for a bit.

But I want to go back and re-visit email number 11 in the series for a few moments today where I was talking about JV Partners.

If your missing the series or not sure what I am talking about you can find all of the 15 previous emails right here on the blog.

JV partners are a crucial part of my business,  but I am not just saying I grab all of them I can.  I have to be able to build a trusted relationship with each one or it just is not anything I want to be a part of.

You need to be able to do the same.

I guess there really is no simple way to know those you can trust accept to go with your gut instinct.

I recently was approached by a JV partner that wanted to do an ad swap with Paul and I.  Basically he wanted to send out to his  list something for Paul and I and in return we would send out to our lists promoting something for him.

This is a great way to build lists when it works properly,

When we got the links to everything we were going to promote for the JV partner we were doing the ad swap with I clicked on the link like any good marketer would do to make sure that it was indeed good value for you as a member on my list.

The sales video wen to a product that I was not 100% familiar with but had seen it, and looked into promoting it back in 2009.

The sales video was still showing screen shots from income he made in 2009.

In my mind (as I am sure it would with you)I started wondering if the product was up to date as well.  I let the JV partner we were working with know about all of my concerns in hopes that he would address them to my satisfaction so I would feel comfortable about Paul and I sending this offer out to you.

My response I got back was a response of shock from the JV partner in questions.  He was shocked that he even got an email from a JV partner questioning these concerns.

He assured me that it was converting very well for other marketer.

Of course a couple of the names he gave me were of names of marketers that are known for promoting pretty much anything as long as it is converting and making money.

So this did not set well with me and assure me that Paul and I should promote the product in question.

My return response was basically let’s not do this.  How about if we just stick to the plan and send to a squeeze page for you like we originally agreed to.

So he sent us the link to the squeeze page which I checked out and found that it promised free information on how to discover some sneaky little trick he knew to generate income.  Of course it was written better than that but you get the picture.

Well when Paul and I signed up for it to make sure the content you were going to get if you chose to sign up was good we seen it re-directed to the original sales page I said I did not want to promote.

This was not a huge concern to me at the moment as it is a tactic that works well.  My main concern was the content you were going to get once you signed up.

Paul and I went through the optin process and found you got nothing but the sales video.  OK this in my mind is a little deceptive.

I thought I was going to get a PDF or video letting me know the information he was claiming and I was lead to believe I was going to get on the squeeze page.

Well in fact you do get it, but only if you choose to buy the product I decided no tot promote to you.

When I questioned this I received back a response that very quickly convinced me that I would not do business with this particular JV partner in the future.  I also would not pursue any further relationship.

His response was, “You just asked for a squeeze page. I created a squeeze page. If you wanted content and all of that for it, you should have said so.

This really did not set well at all as you can imagine.  I have always thought that the name of this whole business was adding value into the lives of those we market to.

I guess I just assumed that this JV Partner that teaches people that when you send people to a squeeze page, to make sure you are giving those that opt-in something of value that is worth them giving you their name and email would follow his own teachings.

As I read further into his email back to me again I was kind of shocked by one last response.

He said, “I’m really, really surprised at you Jeff.

It’s one thing to have all of these concerns of people you don’t know.  But from people that helped bring you up from the beginning?”

Now I always teach that when you build relationships with JV partners that you will find some that you will really get to know and trust.  You will just know that what they put out is good and will not have to buy everything first to check it out before promoting.

Well in this case he s saying I should have this kind of trust in him.

I would agree except for the fact I have never built a relationship with this marketer in the 5 years I have been online.  I have tried but it never seemed to go anyplace.

I met him once and possibly promoted my very first product.  If he did he did not get noticed on my radar except for the fact that he was a friend of my son Keith.

That reason alone kept me wanting to build a relationship with him over the years but it just never seemed to happen.

Maybe now I know the reason why.

I guess what I really want to get across to you is this…

It is important to build good solid JV relationships.  But it is just as important that you build good relationships with the right partners.

All of your JV partners are not going to have the same concerns for your subscribers as you hopefully do, or will when you get to the point of list building.

You are in charge of providing value to your list and not anyone else.

Choose your business relationships very carefully.

If Paul and I would not have cared enough about you our subscribers, and would not have did our job and looked into the what we were supposed to send to you, who would you have come to in disgust when you found you just trusted us, and then found you got nothing of value in return.

Exactly my point.

Choose your JV Partners carefully.  Some just are not meant to be.

Be OK with that and move forward.

Have a great day and continue standing in your greatness!

Jeff Wellman

PS:  Because Paul and I were doing our best to give you something of value through the ad swap we were going to do, and it did not materialize as we had hoped we have decided to send you a free gift today.

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How would you have handled this situation?  Would love to hear your comments.

Starting and Running a Home Business Alone! (Email 13)

Starting and Running a Home Business Alone! My Second Big Mistake, “My 2 Year Old Mentality!”

What in the world am I talking about now?  If you have raised children you know what I
am talking about very well.  Can you remember the first time your child said, “I can do it my-self?”

If I remember right when I left off in the last email of this series I just blamed you as being one that played a big part in my next biggest mistake I made that about made me give up Internet Marketing right after I found out that there was a lot of money to be made.

Well it might not have been you specifically but, my customers and also my JV partners played a very big part in this.

I also know from experience that something very similar will have a major effect on you as well if you decide to listen.

I began answering support and found many of my customers wanting to know if I thought I could have gotten the same results as I just did without the support and help of my coach.

Seems like a pretty innocent question to ask.  They just wanted validation from me telling them that they were going to be able to get the same amazing results if they
followed the instructions of the course they just bought.

Something else I was seeing and hearing was coming from other successful marketers I was networking with.

Again it was completely innocent (MOST OF IT) but it had a negative effect with the way my mind was functioning at the time.

(I say, “Most of it” because there were some very vicious people out there and still are.)

I would go to an event and several marketers were congratulating me on my launch.  They were also making remarks about how awesome it was to have a successful Son to help me get those results.

Again all of this was completely innocent but here is what was happening inside of my mind.

“You better go forward very carefully from this point on because they are correct, you only are where you’re at today because of your coach.  Without him you would still be
back struggling to pay your bills and about to lose everything.

And probably the biggest challenge I faced was when my mind began to tell me I needed to prove to every one of these folks that I perceived as telling me I was only successful because of my coach, that I could do it all by myself without Keith’s help or theirs.

Keith even made it easy for me to make this decision without even knowing it.

He just put almost a month on hold from his own business to help me get started and he let me know after my launch that he had to get things going again, and get his own business caught back up to where it needed to be.

My mind ignored the part where he said He would be there if I needed him; all I had to do was pick up the phone.

Well now I had all of the ingredients to lead me down a well-traveled path by so many that fail.

I was angry because I was hearing, “We do not believe in you, and you are going to fail on your own!”

I was feeling bad because I heard, “Dad I really don’t have time to help you right now because I just put everything on hold for you, and my own business is suffering!”

So I started down a path over the next 6 months trying to do it, “ALL BY MYSELF!” What a two year old mentality that was!

I was going to prove once and for all to them all that I was capable of being successful in life without the help of anyone.

This was a big mistake and I really learned some valuable lessons from this thinking in the next few months that would really propel my business forward in a mighty way.

What I want you to see here is that our mind sometimes hears things and will twist them around in order to protect us from any kind of pain.

Were these folks really saying I was not going to be successful now?

Not really.  That is just what I was hearing and I began to ask questions to myself like, “Can I really do this?” “Can I really afford to not go get another job so I can have a
regular paycheck coming in again?”  Am I really smart enough to run my own business, especially one that involves a computer that I know nothing about?”

The excuses just began to flood my mind and they restricted me for over 5 months.

That’s how long it took me by myself to get another product out on the market that most look at as a failure.  But we will save that story for later when we are talking about your irresistible offer and over-delivering value.

What I really want you to see is that for the next 5 months I prevented myself from making the money I deserved to make and was capable of making.

Trying to prevent more pain in my life just led me right back to the same place I had started before my coach’s help.  I was right back to wondering how I was going to pay my bills and all the phone calls from creditors began once again.

What would have happened if I would have begun to focus on the success I had already had instead of dwelling on the possibility of failure?

What if I would have instead, thought about the fact that I just wrote a 67 page eBook in a couple weeks and got it ready for my product.

Maybe I should have stopped to think that I just went to my first offline event experience and met an incredible lineup of speakers that I could now network with and that had just taught me some incredible methods of making money online.

What about the fact that because of that event I heard how to do interviews properly and it gave me the courage to step up to the plate and overcome some serious fears and interviews 5 experts that I included in my product.

That was a serious victory for me if you would have known me before I started this.

What if I would have stopped to think that it was help that got me to the place I was at that point and it was help that was going to get me to even greater places in my brand new life.

Everything had been set into motion and was lining up perfectly for me to enter a new chapter in my life that had the capabilities of allowing me to have something that I had always seen other people having and wished I was good enough to have myself. “Financial Freedom” It was right there for me to take and yet I couldn’t claim it.

Why was that?  It took me a long time before I figured it out and the whole time my coach was screaming the answer.

You have to develop a new way of thinking.  You have to develop a new mindset and “STOP” listening to the old thoughts going on inside.  It is time to develop a brand new way of thinking.

Now I mentioned it took me 5 months to create and launch my next product.

So how do you think I did?

Let me ask you a question that might help you answer that.

How well are you doing trying to do it all on your own?

How well are you doing even if you’re in a coaching program that you’re paying for and you refuse to participate in, in order for you to get the help you really need?

Well I take that back.  Many participate they just participate all wrong.  You find plenty of time to get in a forum and complain about the lack of help and to inform the coach about their lack of participation in helping you to grow your business, or to tell him or her about
something they could do to help improve the site but you never take that time to really participate properly, in order for you to get the help you really need.

You tell your coach or mentor that you need help and that they are failing to see that, but you don’t tell them how you need help.  You just say, “I need help in everything.”

Instead of focusing on what your coach is telling you is your first step, you look at the first step as something that is not going to get you immediate results, and you begin focusing on the whole total picture of everything that you think or heard needs done, and it freaks you out because it looks so overwhelming, and you take off running.

I know this for a fact and here is how I know.  Paul Counts, Eric Holmlund, and I have a
coaching program called Real Guys Coaching, and we gave out a 30 day product creation challenge to our members and out of the hundreds in the program only about 10 people started out participating, and about 6 actually really rose to the challenge and are about to launch their first product.  One of them is actually getting traffic and making a few sales.

The rest participated by telling us how we are not helping them, or not participating at all.  I totally get it, and understand why because that was me.  I chose to not participate in a way that I could continue to grow and learn the knowledge I needed, that would continue to grow my business.

I found many excuses as to why I was failing so I didn’t have to put the blame on myself, and I started to continually look for the next best thing that came along thinking that the last product I bought was junk or was not what I needed, and that must be the answer to why I was failing.

I even told everyone that asked me how I was doing and wanting to help that I was doing great and I would let them know when I needed their help.

I started out on my next product to launch, and instead of looking at one step at a time, I looked at everything that I just went through and wondered how I was going to get it all done when I didn’t understand most of it yet.

I basically spent the next few months staring at my computer screen paralyzed in fear wondering how I was going to survive and I ended up right back at the same place, with all the same worries as I had before my first successful launch.

One day something changed and things started to finally show some promise.

I guess I better save that for next time though.

You have a great day and continue to stand in your greatness!

Jeff Wellman

PS: I am going to share a couple things in my next email that totally changed my business and it is going to also explain why the 6 going through our
Real Guys coaching program that are getting results, are getting the results and why so many others are not.

I am going to take you right up to my very next product launch, “The Millionaire Boss.”  What a priceless learning experience I am about to take you through.

Was The Millionaire Boss a success or a failure?

Getting JV Partners To Promote Your Product Launch (email 11)

So it looks like we are finally back to getting the JV Partners to
promote your product launch.For the most part I have to say that this was a little easier for
me than it is for most new comers entering the market now.

Getting JV partners is not as easy as it was back in 2007.

Actually let me re-phrase that some.  Getting JV partners to
actually do what they say they are going to do and actually
promote is not as easy as it was when I first started.

When I got started I thought the first email that went out that
announced my product launch was going to be it.  I started getting
a few yes replies back from my JV partners and many NO replies.

Many had no relationship with me at all and did not feel comfortable
promoting for someone they did not know. That was OK because
I feel the same way now about the importance of having a relationship
with those I do business with.

Many just gave a plain NO without any explanation at all.

The No’s were a little discouraging but seeing the Yes replies that
were coming in seemed to be enough for me.

Keith of course knew we needed more Yes’s at that time if we were
going to hit our $65,000 goal.  So I was encouraged to keep going
after the YES replies.  So I sent out more emails.  Pretty much sent
them to the ones I never heard from so I didn’t send out repeat emails
to the ones that already replied back.

I did send more out to the entire JV list though.  I sent them emails
that gave a little bit of social proof in them.

I sent out an email announcing all the big players that said yes
they would promote and that were in the game so that others could
see how the launch process was shaping up and that we were getting
some major players on board.

Social proof is a major key player in the launch process getting your

JV Partners on board to promote, as well as your sales message on
your sales page.One of the next emails that went out again was designed to get
even more JV partners on board that may have said no already or
that we had not heard from yet.

This email simply sent them to the JV Blog we set up for them to
take a look at the product for themselves, to see the quality of it
with their own eyes, and judge for themselves whether it was something
they would feel comfortable about promoting or not.

Another important advantage to sending JV partners to the blog was that
we had a sign up form for them to get them on a JV partner list so
we could continue to follow up with them during the launch and after the
launch was over.  This will allow you to stay in contact with those that you
went through the hard process of contacting.  Follow Up is just as important
with JV Partners as it is with subscribers and customers.
By the time my JV emails series was done we had about 25 good solid
JV partners ready to promote and were pretty happy with that number.
These emails were not as hard to write as I wanted to believe they were
going to be when I first started.  I fought pretty hard to get Keith to write
these emails for me because I was very intimidated with this process.
I used all the same excuses you use on why you won’t be able to send out
these emails and how you won’t know what to say in them.  Instead of just
writing them I wanted with all my heart to skip this process.   But with
encouragement I got them out there.  The good coach and mentor Keith
was, he of course prepared an email template for me to work with.  But
he knew I had to be the one to accomplish the actual task.
Now I mentioned the JV Blog that we sent JV partners to in order to
look at the product.We also had another purpose for the JV blog that would play a very
important role during the launch itself.

In order to get JV partners really excited about the launch and to
encourage some friendly competition we did a JV Launch Contest.

We offered prizes for the top 5 JV partners that brought in the
most sales during the launch. The prizes ranged from Dual Desk top

monitors, a brand new I-phone that was just being released, down to
MP3 players.
Everyone loves prizes, some good friendly competition, and the bragging
rights that go along with the competition when they win.Make your JV contest fun to participate and promote.

A good way to come up with prizes for a JV contest is to come up
with a theme.  If it is winter time you might want to look at
adding ski packages or winter sports equipment to the prize packages
as an example.

Many times the JV contest really is nothing more than just offering
cash prizes to the top promoters in the launch event.

Now the key to a well run and successful JV contest is for you to get
involved and keep your JV partners well informed as to who is
winning the contest all throughout the entire contest.  The minute
you slow down at all, so do your JV partners.  They stay excited

and will play off of your excitement and enthusiasm.
Each day of The contest I would send out emails to the JV list
letting them know who was in the lead and what kind of strategic
moves some of the other JV partners were pulling in order to
get back in the running.  This encouraged the leaders to even push
harder to stay on top.I think the best thing I had going for me at the time was Keith doing
all he could to stay on top of the leader board after he over took
Tellman.  Remember Tellman made a big play at the very beginning. He
slacked off for a couple days and Keith, Eric Rockefeller, Harris Fellman
were able to make a couple moves and catch Tellman.  Tellman made a
couple last minute moves to try and catch Keith, but by that time Keith
was flying a long a little to fast for the Runner to catch him.

Make sure that each day you are giving updates as to who is in the
lead and who is right on the leader’s tail.  Make it fun and enjoyable
for the partners to enjoy a good competition.

This gets everyone worked up and in a competitive mood when they see
one of their close friends or competitors pull ahead of them in a

A good JV contest will motivate partners to do the work and send
emails that they promised to send when they agree to promote.  It will
get them to start adding in bonus offers to increase their conversions
and make more sales when they see someone pulling ahead of them.

Of course no matter how hard you try you will have some of the JV
partners never fulfill the promise of promoting at all.

Hey they got their reasons and it isn’t my job or your job to worry
about them.

Others will come on board and feel they are bigger than life and
will send out a half-hearted attempt to a very small portion of
their list just to say they helped you out.

I remember seeing an email go out from a very big JV partner and how
excited I got.  It even excited Keith until we seen just a few
sales trickling in.  We knew he had only sent out to a few small
lists at that point just to say he helped and follow through with his
promise.  This guy was able to crush anyone that was promoting at that
time if he REALLY WANTED TO.

In this game you will earn who the real players are and who really is
there to support you in a quick hurry.So all during the launch it is time to Motivate Your JV Partners.  it
is not the time to set back and watch the sales roll in.  Setting back
and relaxing will lead to lack of sales coming in.

Remember I said to use social proof in getting JV partners on board.
You will want to use the social proof tactic once again with your JV
Partners during the launch itself..

One way to use social proof is to give updates on how much commissions
you are going to be paying out due to the huge number of sales that have
already come in from all of the other JV Partners that have mailed out
already for you.

On top of the social proof you will also want to send out emails during
the launch to;

  • Send reminders to JV’s about additional mailings
  • Send updates on the status of your JV Contest
  • Post regular updates on the JV Partner blog
  • Remember to thank them and congratulate them on their efforts
    even if they don’t make a single sale.
  • Keep on top of JV partners and keep encouraging them to do exactly
    what they said they would do for you, and that is promote hard.

Well lets wrap this email up for today.  Feel free to ask any questions
you have about the JV contest or contacting JV partners on the Blog
if you need a little more information than what I was able to supply
in this email.

Email 12 is going to start moving past the launch and what happened
to me after the launch.

I made a big mistake that took me from a bank account full of cash
one moment, and the next moment I was right back in the same financial
position that I was in before the launch.

I also was about to quit at one point because of another serious mistake
I made.

Until then continue to stand in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS: I am going to be very busy with our KIDZ Crusade at our Church this
week so not sure If I will get email 12 out right away but I will do my
best as I know you are anxiously awaiting to hear the rest of the
process that lead to my success today.

I am watching many of you and hearing from many that are telling me
how these emails are really helping put some clarity into the things you
are doing.  I am also glad that they have been so encouraging to some
to keep you motivated and pushing forward.

PSS:  I am going to explain something about the importance of
knowing who your JV partners are in the comment section to this post
on my blog.  It will help you make the JV contest more exciting and fun.

If you have any comments or questions on what we covered today head over
to http://www.imsuccesstips.com and let me know.

JV Partner Launch Process Techniques (email # 9)

Using JV Partners For Maximum Launch Earning Potential.

Today we are going back to JV Partners and we are going to
talk about something pretty amazing that happened when one
of my JV partners asked me to do something that once again
had me a little un-easy.  Well let’s be honest here.

A little un-easy was not even close to describing what I was
going through when Tellman Knudson asked me to do a live
teleseminar with his list that would start 30 minutes before
the launch time which was 12 noon eastern May 22, 2007.

We were to get on the phone and he was going to interview
Keith and I about the product and what it would do for his

At Noon eastern when the launch went live he was going to end
the call by giving his list the URL which contained his
Affiliate Link and tell them to GO.

This is a very good tactic and I have seen it done many
times since.  It works very well.

Tellman was basically giving his list of subscribers a look
at who I was and a look at the product in a way that no other
JV partner was doing at the moment of the launch.

Everyone else either had a standard email recommending the
product through their Affiliate link, a video review of the
product such as the case of Michael Cheney, or a blog review
like Eric Holmlund did.

When the launch went live Tellman’s sales began to take off
at a rate that totally had me speechless.  He stayed in the
lead for the first 3 days until Keith and other Affiliates
like Eric Rockefeller started a bonus war going.

Each of the JV partners that really meant business began
adding bonus packages for their lists if they bought through
their link.

I know you have seen this before as it is nothing new. I
actually think it has gotten out of hand with several launches
since.  But it works.

The JV partner puts together a bonus offer that is relevant to
and compliments the product they are promoting.  Many times JV
partners fail at this because the bonus offer they use is not
even relevant to the product they are promoting.  If it does
not make sense in the mind of the customer they will not buy.

As the bonus offers started coming out My Son Keith soon over
took Tellman and he remained in the lead of the JV contest
the rest of the 4 days of the launch.

Other big marketers such as Mike Filsaime that had the
capabilities of running away with the whole contest with
just a couple mailings because of their list size did the
very minimum they had to do just to honor their word of saying
they would help promote.

Of course I was pretty grateful to everyone that participated
in my launch.

With the help of all my top JV partners I was able to generate
right around  $45,000 during my launch.

Now wait a minute.  I said My goal of $65,000 was met during
my launch and that I actually generated over $104,000 in the
first 30 days.  So if my JV partners that I had contacted that
actually promoted only brought in around $45,000 from front
end and the One Time Offer sales and I did not have a follow
up email series in place, where did the rest of the money
come from.

Well I was surprised to learn the answer to this as well.  When
I seen it happening I couldn’t figure it out and had to ask Keith
what was going on.

Do you think you know the answer to this?

Well I will let you know next week just what was happening that
generated the rest of the sales that brought the total inching
towards the 6 figure mark that first week of the launch.

Until then…Stand in your greatness.

Jeff Wellman

PS:  I probably should cover the process of contacting the
potential JV partners and the launch contest process and how
you can push your partners to the point they are generating
more sales for you by pushing them hard to compete for the
privilege of being the top JV partners for your launch.

Will try to squeeze that in the next email as well.

Tips to Finding JV Partners and Getting Them To Promote (email #7)

JV Partners. Now this was a pretty interesting experience
for me as I moved towards my first product launch.

Of course it was a little easier for me to initially contact
the JV Partners because Keith already had a list of partners
he used for his product launches.

Thinking that it was going to be just a simple email going
out to these guys on launch day was some very wrong thinking
on my part.

I figured all I had to do was get everything ready and let
these guys know when to send out their email was about all
I had to do.

Of course I got that from reading and researching Affiliate
Marketing for my project.

Most people tell you that all you have to do is, Get your
product, find a bunch of JV partners and have them mail out
on your launch day and set back and watch the money flow
into your bank account.

NOT THE CASE at all.

Just as a little side note, It is getting harder and harder
all the time to get JV partners to agree to send out. Even
if they do agree, most of them still do not send out on
launch day.

Our goal was to get as many JV partners to respond and
say yes they will mail out for the launch.

I do not even remember how many we initially contacted, but
it was a lot.

So email #1 went out. ( I have included a link at the bottom
of this email that will show you the email I used.)

The yes ‘s started coming in like crazy and all was looking
good as far as I was concerned. Keith knew of course that
there was still a lot of work to do in getting them to
actually promote. (Of course many came back with a “sorry”
and they wished me luck and hoped to help out next time.)

Things were looking good as far as I was concerned and I
thought having so many yes replies from the JV partners we
contacted was all we needed. Not even close!

I wish I had saved all the emails I had to send out to
JV partners during the pre-launch phase to keep them excited
and on top of what was going on with the launch. Not only
were there contact emails to write, but there was also many
emails written during the entire week long launch to keep
the JV partners that were promoting excited enough to
keep promoting.

Constant contact with your JV partners is critical to your
launch success. Give them a chance to forget about you
and your launch and they will in a heartbeat. You have to
remember that they are getting bombarded with many offers
every single day. Life does not stop for them until your launch
is over with.

Now moving up to the launch day I found out just what the
Yes replies really meant. Out of the 30 or so Yes replies
we had gotten back from JV partners maybe half of them
actually followed through and promoted the actual launch.

I am finding that in present times it is even less than that.

One of the hardest emails I found myself writing was the
swipe email for my JV partners to use on launch day.

First I was pretty surprised that I had to write it for
these guys. When I questioned Keith on this he told me
we needed to make it as easy as possible for our JV partners
to promote my product. I of course looked at it as nothing
but laziness on the part of a bunch of guys looking
to make money and made no sense to me. I was always taught
that you worked hard for what you got in life.

All these guys had to do was send out an email to their list
and they could not even take the time to write their own email?

Well of course I now know that I was the one that best knew
my product, and that the swipe copy was supposed to be there
for the JV partners to use as a template to work from in
crafting their emails to send out.

OK! Truth is.. most of them are lazy and won’t change it
at all.

So contacting JV partners and getting them to actually
promote and do what they say they are going to do for you is
not as easy as it really is portrayed. Like everything
else it takes work on your part. It also takes consistent
follow thru and follow up all the way thru the entire
launch process, from Pre-launch to post launch.

Here is my first contact email I sent out to my JV Partners
and my first swipe copy I wrote for JV partners to use on
launch day.

My first JV partner emails

Stand in your greatness

Jeff Wellman

PS: Now I am not done talking about JV partners by a long shot.
There is a lot more involved than just a couple contacts and
a couple emails in getting JV partners on board and actually
getting them to promote and to keep promoting.

I found out most of them took the easy way out on launch day
and just used my swipe email just to get something out like
they promised and that was about all they ever did. Of course
these guys ended up at the bottom of my JV contest where they
belong for being lazy.

Now Keith planned on being my number one JV partner and actually
was, but a couple guys decided to give him a run for his money
and what one of them asked me to do on launch day was not
something I was really looking forward to doing. What Tellman
Knudson did sent him screaming past everyone from the very
beginning and caused the rest that meant business to play catch

If your new to marketing I wonder if you would tell me yes if
I asked you to do the same thing Tellman asked me to do on the
day of your launch to help me make sales?

Tellman asked me if I would be willing to… (coming up next)

PSS: Here is the promised video that will help you out when it
comes to finding JV partners.

 JV Partner Video Help

I will be including one more that will help you out with JV
partners during the actual launch process in one of my next emails.

Would also like to hear your feedback on this email series…